Gynaecomastia / Male Breast Reduction

Development of excess fat & breast tissue in males over their chest is called gynaecomastia. Gynaecomastia mostly causes distress & embarrassment. It affects mainly psychology of males.


What causes this condition (Gynaecomastia)?
Mainly three causes-
• Can be related to hormonal changes due to disorders of endocrine system.
• Side effects of drugs.
• Congenital ‘or’ pubertal.

Whether gynaecomastia can be cured permanently?
Yes, If treated properly. Treatment depends on the cause of gynaecomastia. That’s why it is important to meet a specialist who will explain you & guide you through your treatment. Dr Shilpy Dolas is a well known gynaecomastia specialist doctor in pune.

What is the treatment for Gynaecomastia?
Male breast reduction surgery is the treatment of choice. Now a day’s it is more socially accepted and common for this condition. It can be done as-
• Open surgery- removes fat & gland content along with tightening of skin.
• Combination of Open & liposuction surgery.

How the surgery is done?
Surgery of gynaecomastia includes removal of fat, glandular tissue & tightening of skin.

Whether the surgery is painful?
Not very painful as pain can be controlled with local anaesthetic & medications.

What are the risk in gynaecomastia surgery?
Male breast reduction is a quite safe surgery. Risks are not like other major surgeries. Mostly surgery is done in general anesthesia ( anesthetising whole body). Risk of infection is also less.

How many ours this surgery would be?
1-3 hours depends on grade & side of gynaecomastia.

What kind of recovery can i expect?
As mentioned befor it is not very painful. Enough to require 1-2 days off work, but each individual response varies. After surgery patient is advised to wear compression garments.
After 3 days, you can take off your compression vest and remove your padding and take shower. Continue with your antibiotics and painkillers. Compression vest is advisible for 3 weeks round the clock 24/7 and then 3 weeks 12 hours a day.

When can I return to exercise?
At least after a month. As we don’t touch muscular part of the breast during surgery recovery is always faster.

How much it will cost?
Cost differs according to the grade of gynaecomastia and patients condition. We understand that the cost of surgery is an important factor for our patients, this is why we offer the best possible price to our patients. The fee includes surgeon, anesthetist, nursing, hospital fees, in house hospital medications and few investigations. 1st consultation and follow up needs to be paid separately. Once you will come for 1st consultation please ask us for our current fees.