Breast Implants

Breast enlargement ( breast implant): to get almost permanent breast enlargement which is natural looking is possible with breast implants. It is one of the leading breast surgery undertaken by womens in today’s era.These implants are available in different shapes and sizes.
Doctor Shilpy Dolas uses good quality FDA approved implants guarented for 10 years.

IMPLANT SHAPE: Breast implant can be of two types:


ROUND IMPLANTS: For breast augmentation most familiar implant shape is round, which looks like a compressed sphere. They are also silicon filled and saline filled. They come in different type of projections ranging from high to low. Women who wish to have more fullness in the top part of the breasts will probably consider the round implant to be a better choice.

Patient choose round implant for breast lift , breast cleavage and for the fullness. Round implants are exactly not round always because in standing position due to gravity more volume will come at the base and less at the top along with fall of breast tissue also. While in lying down position they look round which is like natural breasts in sleeping position.

Since the implant is round, it is symmetrical, and implant rotation is not an issue. The implant can be chosen with either a textured or a smooth surface, and tends to cost less than the teardrop implant.


ANATOMICAL IMPLANTS: Anatomical implants are also called “ Teardrop” or “waterdrop”implants. They are in more like a shape of a drop, with a sloped contour that fills out more on the bottom than the top. Upper part of teardrop implants are not filled as round implants even though they give greater projection as compared to round implants with the same volume Women who are seeking a breast enhancement that appears more natural, teardrop implants might be the right choice.

As they are in drop shape problem happens when implant rotates. Preferred teardrop implants are textured one to avoid slipping and rotation
Between the teardrop and round breast implant shapes, it is usually the teardrop that costs more, which is definitely something to think about for those worried about financial expcome. They also comes in various projections.

round-vs-anatomical-758x372POSITIONING OF BREAST IMPLANT:

Again two types – in front of the pectoralis muscle and behind the muscle.
In front of the muscle(SUBMUSCULAR) implants are placed in atheletes and womens with certain breast volume.
Behind the muscle (SUBPECTORAL) implants are placed in thin built patients with small breasts. This kind of placement will avoid feeling of implant in the upper part which is possible if implants are in submuscular plane.

implant pockets

What is dual plane implant?
Dual plane is a technique where positioning of the implant is submuscular in upper part and subglandular in lower part.

SCARS: There are three types of scars by which implants can be placed- axillary, periareolar or transareolar and submammary. An areolar scar is likely to cause a loss of sensitivity in the area of that breast
Consultation / visit before surgery- we will decide size of the implant in 2 visits normally. Mammograms and ulatrasound of the breasts are required before any augmentation procedure. Sometimes MRI breast is required in certain cases.
Patient is planned for surgery after assessing all Blood and urinary investigations.
Smoking needs to be stopped 6 months before surgery. A good chest is a key to success for a good painless breast augmentation.
Procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. It usually lasts in 2 hours.
Patient is advised to take rest and antibiotic prophylaxis for few days. Vigrous exersises are not to be advised for 6-8 weeks
Definitive shape and volume of the breasts will be determined in 3- 6 months after surgery. Patient has to come for few regular followups.

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