Breast lump biopsy

Incision and excision biopsy

Breast core needle biopsy


Cyst aspiration

Fibroadenoma and other benign lump excision

Keloid treatment

Vaccination- cervical cancer

Minor medical problems treatment

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Breast cancer surgery

Cosmetic breast surgeries

Breast reconstruction surgeries

Non breast cancer (Benign ) surgeries

Breast interventional radiology

Chemoport insertion for chemotherapy

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What Our Patients Say



Madam is very good. I had breast cancer and consulted madam for the same. Madam advised removal of the cancer by surgery with conservation of breast. She showed me all photograph and explained me in detail before surgery. Today is my 6th day of surgery and I'm very happy with the scar. Can't feel that I got operated for cancer.she told me all stitches are inside and no need to remove, so no pain. I'm very happy n satisfied that I trusted her and got operated. She is young but good cancer surgeon in her field. I visited two big hospitals of line and saw other doctors before operation but not satisfied with that. But after meeting her all my questions were answered. I was doubtful before surgery as she is young but now I m very much clear and recommend her to all the people and my friends who wants good cancer surgery with good looking scars . highly recommend to all the women's who wants to preserve their breasts.



I am a breast cancer patient. Initially i was worried because i am a single mother. how i got breast cancer ? what will happen to me after this? so many questions in my mind. I visited some great doctors of pune but they hardly given me any explanation. A friend of mine told me about doctor Shilpy Dolas. She treated her for postcancer reconstruction. Intially when i visited her clinic i was very worried. But she explained me all the treatment options and also given me plenty of time to answer all my queries. Today is my last day of radiation. She did my surgery MRM with reconstruction, after that i took chemo. she took care of me during chemo. she had given me strength during my whole treatment. whenever i feel low i visit her for any problem related to chemo, radio, she was always there to help me.



She is very good in all perspectives , explain me everything very well and cleared my doubts ... I am highly recommending Mrs Shilpy to all women have doubts or want to do screening of breast ...

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